Beach, Fishing, and River Fun at Yakushima

Summer is officially here! As I am excited to start grad school in Europe (more on this in a different post) this coming Fall, I realized there are still so many places even in Japan that I haven’t visited. And Yakushima, an island just south of the Kyushu region, is somewhere I have longed to go since I was a kid.

The Isso Beach

The island is mostly famous for its forests which became the model for Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke, but the one cannot ignore the beauty of its beaches and coasts. This is Isso Beach, a very organized and clean beach in the northern part of the island. You can rent floating rings and snorkel gear. Water is crystal clear!

Isso Beach


Fishing at Yakushima

After enjoying a full and hot day at the Isso Beach, I went on a fishing tour that I had already booked and was looking forward to. The tour is called Yakushima Fishing Like Club, and their service was EXCELLENT. The guy who owns and runs the service gave the tour, and he did everything from taking me to the location of the fishing, setting up the gear, and even taught me a lot about how to fish effectively. I highly recommend his service.

Yakushima Fishing Like Club
Us looking at the fish (yes the fish were visible beneath us).

fishing at yakushima
Me working at the rod after an immediate hit.

And caught a Parrotfish! I caught over 10 fish, so I’ll post some of the photos that I wasn’t too lazy to take.

The guy kindly packed the fish and sent most of them to my parents’ house, and he sent three of the fish to a local restaurant for me to eat for lunch.

River Fun at the Yoggo River

As the fishing trip was for the morning, I used the rest of the day to drive up to the mountains to enjoy the Yoggo river, a river also famous for its scenic beauty.

Yoggo River
There’s a little pathway from the parking area up to the actual river.

Yoggo River
And the actual river!

Yoggo River
The water of the river flows into a naturally made pool (actually I think there’s a bit of human-effort that went into it) and it is a pretty nice dip to be in the pool. Water is not too cold, and thankfully when I was there the weather was hot (well, perfect) so I fully enjoyed the cool water.

Yoggo River
The surface of the big rocks are smooth, making it a natural water slide.

Next post will be the trekking tour in the forest of Mononoke!

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