Sakura 2018

It’s that time of year again where I post a bunch of photos of sakura!
I (well, us Japanese people) never get bored of looking at and taking photos of the sakura. In fact, I myself, go to the same place (Nakameguro) every year just to take similar photos.

This got me thinking – why do I do this? Why do I go and take the same photos every year?

And I figured out, though the scenery may be the same, the feelings and experience I’ve carried for the past year are always different. People entered my life, exited my life, seasons came and went. Last year I turned 30 years old. I’ve made some big decisions, and took big steps that seems like chance but also entails huge risk.

Maybe the sakura is something like a constant in the flow of time, giving me a chance to reflect on the year that passed. Maybe it reminds me of certain memories, but simultaneously creating new ones.

Or maybe it’s just too pretty to look at and not take photos.

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