Book Review – RED – Hitler’s Design

A book with an interesting title RED-Hitler’s Design caught my attention the other day in a local bookstore, and without really thinking I bought it with several other books I’d intended on buying. That night as I flipped through the pages of the book, I immediately got sucked into the content.

The book analyzes Hitler as a Creative Director, and how the organization he built had been perhaps the most (well, definitely negative) monumental “design” in human History. It was interesting to read Hitler as a designer and not just an evil dictator, but simultaneously frightening to think that a single person, and his/her design can have so much tangible power and impact.

Hitler Design

Beginning with the Corporate (Party?) Identity of the Nazi (the Swastika), the book analyzes public advertisements of the Nazi, uniforms and brand, weapons and warcraft, organizational rituals and management, and private corporate involvement that shaped Hitler’s Propaganda and its effect. The book references a lot of movies to visualize the content, many of which I had watched.

This book is one of those books that makes you realize that design does have the power to impact humans and society (good OR bad). After reading this book you’ll never think design can’t change people and organizations.

The author of the book is Japanese graphic designer, Yukimasa Matsuda.




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