Amazon Appstore Banner Redesigned

I was looking inside the Amazon Appstore the other day and noticed that one of the banners sucked. At least to me anyways.

It really stood out – not because the banner was good, but because it was bad, and it looked so out of place.

The “Editor’s Pick” banner here:


The design is very “surface-y” – neither wit nor story exists in this banner, and that is what makes this banner bad. The floral frame does not complement anything either. It looks old and created without any affection whatsoever.

So I decided to give it a little facelift. To go along with the “Editor’s Pick” banner, I even designed some other ones to go along with it.

This banner illustrates a certain level of «coolness» that gamers generally tend to be attracted to. As the banner represents the entire category, it does not focus on one single app, but shows the category as a whole set.

As the category of «New» explicitly shows, I designed the banner so that the Apps inside the category are «fresh» and «newly delivered.» The opened envelope shows the freshness of the app.

For the «Editor’s Pick» I put the app image on a plate/tray that attracted an animal and got bitten (and ultimately eaten). It is a metaphorical representation that the apps are so good (hence recommended) that they even attract animals hungry for lunch.

Here’s how they’d look like on the actual store:

God I love designing banners.

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