Zauo in Shibuya

Last month I read an article on HuffingtonPost about Zauo opening up in New York.

Feeling nostalgic about a typically “Japanese” enterprise experience, I went with a friend who was visiting from the States, to the store in Shibuya.

As the HuffingtonPost article explains in detail, Zauo is a restaurant that allows you to fish your own fish to eat.

The one in Shibuya has two floors. The second floor has a fish cage for the snapper, which is the grand prize. You grab a fishing rod, attach some food to it, and try to catch one. With some luck you will get a snapper.

The fish cages on the first floor host a variety of other fish : mackerel, shrimp, flounder, and some other random fish. The ones here do not require any food. You get a rod which is equipped with a different hook, and all you have to do is try to hook it by the fish’s mouth (a bit trickier than the rod with the food).

To be honest I think the fish are in so much stress being in those small cages, trying to escape the fishing hooks. And who knows? That high level of stress may affect the taste.

I can’t guarantee the taste of the food at Zauo, but the restaurant certainly does provide a different level of experience.

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