Trip to Lausanne Part 3 : The Lausanne Marathon

Day 3, when I ran the Lausanne Marathon. This was my 6th full marathon, and I finished with a time of 4 hours and 50 minutes. My personal slowest ever, but I have a more than good enough reason: I was marveled at the scenery all the way; I stopped very frequently to take photos, and ran very slow. I sometimes stopped and talked with the people who came out to cheer. They were all super nice and friendly. Although not a big race, the scenery and people raise my personal score for this marathon.

The start of the marathon was at 10AM. Rather late in my experience, but I had a good breakfast at the hotel and had enough time to warm up and chill. This is the lead vehicle that was standing by at the starting point. You can see the 3hr pace-keeper guy behind the vehicle. Did I follow him? Hell no.

It was a bit chilly (but compared to NYC marathon a lot better), and at the starting point there was an aerobic exercise session.

Lining up at the start…

I believe there were about 2,000 runners in the full marathon division. I ran DEAD SLOW, as to fully enjoy the scenery. Even going through narrow alleys like this was joyful.

Vineyards and houses on the left side of the course.

More beautiful scenery of the course.

Farm with autumn harvest decorations (It was halloween I guess).

And I start to see the lake on my right at this point…

Booya! Excellent view of the lake and vineyards!

I could not resist myself from taking a selfie.



Me taking photos while running…