Trip to Aomori Part 2 – Fishing in the Oirase River

So this is part 2 of the Oirase river entry in the Aomori travel series, and this one focuses on the fishing activity we had done in the river. The photo below is one of the fish I caught.


The hotel we stayed at -the Hoshino Resort- hosts a bunch of outdoor activities lead by professionals for a reasonable price. One of them is the fishing activity, and as I wished to pursue the activity, we signed up for it.

The fishing guide met us at 5AM sharp in the front of the hotel, and he drove us to a side stream of the Oirase river. The width of the river is definitely shorter, but the beauty of it remains the same.

As we changed in river style jumper suits, the guide showed us how to catch the fish.

Here are some of the tricks we learned:

1. Go there early.

Past 7AM, you have no chance. Also, fish are smart. Once they are caught and released, they won’t fall for it again (at least on the same day).

2. Walk the river QUIETLY.

They can hear your footsteps from inside the water.

3. Hide your shadow.

If they see your shadow, they know you are there and they will swim away.

4. Lift the bait a just enough so that it doesn’t touch the bottom of the river.

That adds realness to the trap.

5. Rainy days are actually pretty good for fishing.

A lot of people think rainy days are bad, but it hides your shadow and your footsteps.

Hoshino Resort Oirase