New Work – Flyer Design for Kunito Int’l Youth Orchestra’s 3rd Annual Concert


New work for my friend Kunito Nishitani’s youth orchestra “Kunito Int’l Youth Orchestra” is now out!

Kunito Int’l Youth Orchestra (formerly known as Shakujii Int’l Youth Orchestra) is a junior string based orchestra located in Shakujii, Tokyo. Along with its senior counterpart Shakujii Int’l Orchestra, it focuses on producing professional music while maintaining a family-like friendliness.

As the Orchestra continues to grow in number and in level, it aims to perform overseas, maybe even in Portland Oregon, where Kuni developed his early musical career (which is actually where I coincidentally met Kuni for the first time and became his student back then).

The concert is on Sunday May 29th, 2016. Check out Kuni’s full concert schedules here

Video – About Kunito Int’l Youth Orchestra (copyright to Kunito Int’l Youth Orchestra)

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