Hello! I am a designer based in Tokyo.
I love finding problems and solving them creatively through design.

How can I help you?

Whether you want a visual identity, a poster, a piece of graphic art, or a working website, I will work with you to pinpoint the underlying issue, clarify the objective, and provide you with a creative solution.

How did I get here?

I was born in London in 1987, and graduated from Boston University with a degree in Bachelor of Design in 2010. After working for Karim Rashid in New York upon graduation, I moved to Tokyo where I currently work as an interface designer, specializing in UI/UX design for mobile and web. My wide variety of clients include musicians, private companies, consulting firms, clinics, and private schools.

Why can you trust me?

Having worked with numerous clients globally, I strongly believe that communication is the number one key to any kind of success. All of my success have resulted from constant and in-depth mutual correspondence.


English (Native), Japanese (Native), Mandarin Chinese (HSK Level 4)

Personal info

I enjoy running marathons, and consider myself as a passionate Sci-Fi geek.

Favorite movie

Terminator 2