Trip to Lausanne Part 2 : Zermatt and Vevey

On the second day I took a train to Zermatt, a town in the Swiss Alps about 3 hours east of Lausanne.

The view from the train going east. The orange of farms and vineyards in foliage cover the scenery.

After a while I started to see the mountains of the alps. At this point I was already excited.

The weather was perfect even in Zermatt. This is right where I got off, walking in an alley. I think I was looking for a spot that I could see Matterhorn – the famous mountain with the triangular shape.

Aaand I found it! The alley above led me to an excellent view of this gorgeous mountain. After seeing this I understand why Matterhorn is so specially treated.

Swiss clock hung at the front of a watch/clock store in the town.

I thought I found “Pillsbury” but I guess not! Swiss bakery.

I love all the typography written on the exterior walls of the houses/buildings in this region. They add character and information without destroying the culture or scenery.

I had a rather salty and expensive lunch in a hotel restaurant that had a view of Matterhorn. Since I didn’t go any closer up (there were more trains going towards it but I didn’t go), I got the most out of my time in this town.

The train to get into Zermatt – rather small train cars, but big windows allow visitors to enjoy the scenery all the way.


On the way back to Lausanne I got off at Vevey, another town located along the lake Geneva.

A small but warm flea market was held in one of the squares.

And a giant fork is stuck in the lake!